Monday, March 10, 2014

A Journey of Mystery

Experimenting with fabric weaving as taught by Jude Hill

I could not have understood at my core what I had come to believe about 'art' and specifically drawing if I had not lost my ability to draw.  And, like any belief, these beliefs directed how I interacted with myself and others.  Of even more importance I was able to understand how these deeply held beliefs once known, actually were preventing me from growing in artistic expression as I had seen a number of my friends grow and flower.
I realized that 'art' for me had become linked with my understanding of and expression of "me".
I had developed strong convictions that the ability to draw was equivalent to being an artist and I had spent years working to develop this skill. 
After understandably grieving this loss it became obvious to me that I was looking to my ability to produce 'art' as a way to be loved rather than as a way to express love.
How had I so unconsciously taken a form of expression that had once been a source of joy and turned it into something that had to provide my life with meaning?
Carl Jung has written:  " The greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally unsolvable.  They can never be solved but only out grown."

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