Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you believe giftedness can be passed on by people?

I do.  There were three men who became very important to Michelangelo:
Ghiberti taught Donatello;
Donatello taught Verrocchio;
Bertoldo diGiovanni was taught by all three,
and it was this man, Bertoldo who became Michelangelo's mentor.

The gifts of these men were deposited to Michelangelo's account.
How about you?  What treasures have been passed on to you by gifted people?

Here is a work in progress I have been working on today:

I will be back blogging on Monday. 


  1. I learned most everything I know from my dad and my grandmother (mom's mom). My father was a jack of all trades and my grandma did all the needlework.
    love the colors in your painting. it looks like a flower garden right now.

  2. your images have a gracefulness to them, love the colors!
    in my 57 years of life i've learned from many. however
    not like i've learned from my 10 yr. old nephew. he has aspergers.
    he is also gifted. he comes from a whole other direction
    in life. we are very close and spend alot of time together.
    he IS a gift to my life! :* )