Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Calling

A student once asked Whistler: "Why are you a painter?"
Whistler answered quickly: "Because an artist has to do SOMETHING!"

Tomorrow I am sending this finished painting to Cindy Marabito, the author of , "Pit Bull Nation" and head of a rescue group called Reunion Rescue.  Every day she faces about 400 requests to save animals in dire need of rescue.  She has done this day in and day out for years, it is her calling.

We all have different callings .  Another word for calling is 'gift'.  A 'gift' is often something that comes easily to us so we are thus unfortunately often able to disregard it because initially it seems too 'easy'.  I have seen many people not embrace their gifts because it seems like no big deal that  they could do ______ (fill in the blank.... drawing, composition, singing, baseball, photography, teaching, speaking...etc).  We often think of a 'real' gift as something that others can do that we struggle with!
Evidence of a gift is usually a strong desire that will not go away.
Even though our gifts initially seem to come easy to us, for those who pursue developing their gifts they soon find that this requires absolute commitment and hard work. 
Cindy has been doing rescue work for over 12 years.  Everyday she does what she can to rescue more. Why?
It is her calling.

What is yours?


  1. Wow wow wow...I'm blown AWAY! I can't wait to show Benny!