Saturday, April 14, 2012

Search, struggle, trial and error

The best painters have arrived at their art after long search and struggle, trial and error, and considerable thought and introspection----- and, incidentally after having painted hundreds of pictures.” 
Edward Betts

I have been struggling lately to continue doing any art.  This is a familiar struggle, I revisit it at least once a year!  Usually it involves, as it currently does, a questioning of meaning.  For example, 'what is meaningful about art?, why create it?'  All important questions to ask myself I find.  I know enough to not let any of this struggle stop me from continuing to draw.  I also know that eventually I will get back to experiencing that I do art simply and totally for the love of art.....not to get love.  I do art for the happiness and discipline it brings.  For the continued heart opening that comes with persistence.

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