Sunday, June 26, 2011

"The Great Tradition of Art is Healing, Resonating the Being, Serving Our Equanimity, Raising Our Sympathies, Enhancing Our Existence. " Adi Da Samraj

As I have studied art and artists it is easy to realize that most artists (poets, musicians, painters, etc) while spending their lives passionately involved in their art live in circumstances that can hardly be described as comfortable.  They often live in poverty creating art most of their waking hours.  You may see their art presented in a beautiful frame in a luxurious gallery and yet this is no reflection on the circumstances most artists live in.  True artists will continue their art no matter what hardships or distractions arise.  A serious artist remains focused on their discipline, their passion, no matter what and thus their art becomes transcendent.  Meaning, their art goes beyond the ordinary range of human experience and understanding.  When an art form becomes transcendent it serves a great purpose for others because when they view it (or read or listen to it) they are moved beyond themselves.....and they are changed at heart by this experience.

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  1. beautiful colors in this piece. i've been wondering where you've been. hope all is well.